Trailblazer Foundation's 2020 goals:

Your support keeps our efforts moving forward to improve the health and lives of rural families in Cambodia.   

The Chiefs from the many communes in the Siem Reap province come together to pitch the infrastructure needs of their villages to NGOs during their annual District Integrated Workshop. Trailblazer is honored to be one of only a handful of NGOs invited to these annual meetings. From the annual meeting we commit to work with certain villages to complete certain projects and set our 2020 budget and goals.  

Our 2020 goals:

  • install 415 bio-sand water filters with trainings
  • drill 111 wells with trainings
  • build 52 latrines with sanitation and hygiene trainings 
  • conduct 93 Homestead Garden and Compose trainings
  • distribute 100 bicycles
  • conduct 60 Village Funds refresher
  • establish 7 new Village Funds 
  • conduct 73 Savings Group Account introductions
  • assist 1 new Farmer Community Group startup and 1 existing Farmers Group


Bringing rural Cambodian families out of poverty and into more sustainable livelihoods.  

Trailblazer Foundation's accomplishments in 2019:

 We met and exceeded our goals!  Thank you for supporting our efforts to improve lives in rural Cambodia. 

  • installed 543 bio-sand water filters with 10 trainings
  • drilled 122 wells with 11 trainings
  • built 37 latrines with 31 sanitation trainings
  • conducted 23 Homestead Garden and Compost Trainings
  • raised funds for 108 bicycles
  • provided 95 Village Fund Capacity Building Trainings (refresher and introduction)
  • provided 13 Farmer Community Group  Trainings