This is a critical time of year in Cambodia. The major rains have ended, the rice has been harvested, and now the hot drought season has begun. Our village partners need wells as their access to water sources diminish.  Children and their families need clean drinking water to avoid water-borne diseases. Farmers need wells for a sufficient and consistent supply of water to irrigate their homestead gardens and better feed their families. Secondary school students need bicycles to get to school and back. Families need latrines for a safe, sanitary place to relieve themselves.

 Your continued, or new support, will keep our efforts moving forward to improve the health and lives of rural families.

Will you help us keep our efforts moving forward ​in 2019? 

2019 Project Support

Community Development in Rural Cambodia

Trailblazer Foundation works with the poorest communities in Cambodia's Siem Reap province, location of the world-renowned Angkor Wat. Without technical and financial support, these village communities cannot develop beyond a level of subsistence, and remain in a state of poverty where survival is a struggle. 

Trailblazer is most well known for helping our partner villages secure clean and abundant water. For each of more than 50 villages, we start by helping the community to dig wells and construct water filters. In addition to pure and plentiful water, these villages also need ample food to feed their families, good education facilities for their children, and opportunities to make a living. 

Our four program areas—health, food security, education, and economic development—represent a well-rounded strategy for not just giving our partner communities a proverbial fish, but helping them learn how to live in ways that are self-sustaining.  

With our headquarters in the United States, we are officially recognized by the IRS as a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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Testimony from STEWART,

The British School Foundation has been supporting Trailblazer projects for almost 10 years. During that period, we have helped fund six new school buildings. We continue to support Trailblazer’s school projects for the same reasons we chose to do so in the first place: [1] the projects are driven by the communities themselves; [2] the projects are sustainable in the long term, thanks to a memorandum with the Cambodian government that incorporates the schools into the public school system; and [3] the vast majority of the funds we provide end up in the communities for which they are destined.

Trailblazer Foundation's introductory video, which tells the story of our work in Cambodia's Siem Reap province, where we are developing ripples of sustainability through community water projects.   Trailblazer is extremely grateful to Ysabel King for producing this video. Ysabel is a graduate of the Film and Digital Media Master's Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.   She  worked her magic with what we gave her.   We hope you enjoy the results as much as we do. 

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