Members of our Board of Directors hail from the United States, Canada and New Zealand. They bring experience in non-profit management, health,  education and job skills training, sustainable development, and the ways of Cambodia and its culture. Meeting once a month by teleconference, and once a year in person, the Board plays a key role in establishing and monitoring Trailblazer's strategic direction, programmatic focus, and budgets. 

Our Board


Justine Auton, President (NZ)

Justine lives in Wellington, New Zealand and works in a senior management role in a government agency. She has a Masters degree in Public Management from Victoria University, Wellington and is committed to life long learning.

Justine became interested in Cambodia through wider travel experiences in Asia. An experience with bad water in Siem Reap had her resolve to try to do something positive to help. This lead to Justine volunteering at Trailblazer for the first time in 2017, and she’s doing it again in October this year.

In addition to enjoying the voluntary work itself, Justine is interested in learning more about community development in Cambodia, and how organisations like Trailblazers are making a practical and positive difference. 

Justine sees the opportunity to join the Board of Trailblazers is a fantastic opportunity to learn more and it provides the in-country challenge of spreading the word about Trailblazer in New Zealand.

Justine has an adult son who currently lives in Australia. She loves fitness activities, travel, DIY projects and movies. 

Jamie Reilly, Treasurer  (USA)

Jamie Reilly, Secretary and Treasurer (USA)

Jamie is a Bostonian who, after 

college, realized there was much to explore outside of Route 128. In 2001, Jamie got his first exposure to the rest of the world, during six months of travel that took him to Spain, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. 

​Upon returning to the United States, Jamie settled in the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming. There, he gained his appreciation for the local natural and human communities. Jamie spent his time hiking, backpacking, biking, and snowboarding, as well as developing his love for the stage (where he was very active in the local theatre, and helped create an improv comedy troupe - "Out of Thin Air").

Later, Jamie traveled to South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, including visiting Trailblazer's program in Cambodia. He has since returned to the Jackson Hole area, has worked with several international development organizations, and served on an advisory board for Coaches Across Continents. Jamie joined Trailblazer's Board in May 2016.

Tom Skeele, President  (USA)

Tom Skeele, Board Member (USA)

 In 2010, Tom started what is the third and final act of his professional career, by shifting his focus to an international context, and by shifting his advocacy work from conserving natural communities in the U.S. Northern Rockies to sustaining human communities in developing countries throughout the world.

Tom’s first two professional acts included being an educator and mentor to young adults (including economically disadvantaged and at-risk youths), and a nonprofit executive for regional environmental conservation organizations. Both focused on his desire to serve as an agent of social change.

During the past six years, Tom has served as the Executive Director of International League of Conservation Photographers, and Chief Operating Officer for PCI Media Impact. Tom also served as a fundraising and communications consultant to nonprofits and social enterprises in the areas of economic development, poverty alleviation, livelihoods, education, environmental conservation, health, human rights, renewable energy, sustainable community development, and women’s empowerment.


Cortney Ward, Board Member (USA)

Cortney lives in San Francisco and works as a product designer in the tech industry. A native Texan, she lived and worked in Austin before moving to California.

In 2010, Cortney traveled and volunteered extensively throughout South East Asia and South America. It was in Siem Reap where she and her husband Nick eventually crossed paths with Trailblazer Foundation. Helping build filters and dig wells in rural Cambodia was an integral point in Cortney’s life and travels. Continued contributions to Trailblazer’s clean water mission has been a true joy for her.

Cortney was elated to join Trailblazer Foundation board members in 2019. With over 15 years of advertising and product design experience, she’s looking to help develop and evolve the organization into its next phase of success.


Nick Munro, Board Member (USA)

Nick is a native Texan who currently resides in San Francisco, California with his amazing wife Cortney. He works in the technology industry, where you can find him designing and sketching a range of new products and services.

When Nick isn’t designing, he loves to travel, which is how he found Trailblazer in 2010 while taking a sabbatical in Southeast Asia. He and his wife Cortney volunteered with the Trailblazer foundation building filters and digging wells. That experience left a lasting imprint, and they have contributed to the organization since. 

Nick joined the Trailblazer Board in 2019 and is excited to be a part of such a dynamic organization. He looks forward to adding his design and technical expertise to assist Trailblazer in its continued growth and success towards their mission of bringing clean water to the people of Cambodia.