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Our dedicated volunteers work with us on a variety of projects...


On your first day, be sure to bring a copy of your travel medical insurance policy, so we have it on file while you are volunteering with us.    

Our typical volunteering hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am-2:00pm. An average day for our volunteers usually consists of preparing the filter media for the biosand water filters, which includes sifting and washing sand and gravel, as well as assisting in mixing and pouring concrete for the construction of the filters.  

Building water filters at our field site would be a full week commitment to that project activity.   Activities would include:

  • Sifting sand and gravel
  • Washing sand and gravel
  • Mixing cement
  • Dispensing cement into water filter molds
  • Helping load and unload truck with water filters and filtration media
  • Assisting on water filter deliveries in the field

Volunteers would experience one day in the field on a water filter delivery, which would be a full 8:00am to 5:00pm day.

On the day when volunteers would be in the field, it is strongly suggested volunteers come prepared with a box lunch. For volunteers who are more adventuresome, they would be welcome to eat with the staff in the field. Lunch is either provided by a villager, and a small cost would be expected, or at a local food stand in the field or a local market.

There may be opportunities to help out in our organic test gardens with weeding, digging, planting, and harvesting as well, depending on the season and what agricultural activities are occurring during your service.  You may also have the opportunity to go out with the biosand filter team to a local village to deliver and set up the filters.

While these laborious activities are perhaps not the most glamorous work, it is important work- and the vital support of our volunteers directly enables us to provide fresh water and agriculture opportunities to the villages in need.



How to continue to be involved

We thank you for your time and commitment to Trailblazer Foundation and the Cambodian people. It means the world to us. Let’s continue working together to benefit more families and villages in rural Cambodia today.

Additionally, after your volunteer experience we would like to invite you to take your excitement and knowledge home to share with your friends, family and colleagues. Your personal experience and energy can be contagious and effective for setting up opportunities to do some amazing fundraising. Trailblazer can provide you with various marketing materials to better share the Trailblazer Message. You can help spread awareness of the needs of Cambodia and our efforts to help bring water and hope to the Cambodian people.

You can start a fundraising campaign by creating a personalized fundraising page through GlobalGiving or Facebook. It is easy to do, and fun!  By rallying your friends, family and networks to support the work we do in Cambodia, you will be helping others feel good about being part of making a real difference. With your support we can continue to help improve health, food security, education, and economic development in ways that are self-sustaining.  And your US donations are tax deductible!

Visit our Become a Fundraiser page to start your fundraiser today.  And, if you would like to offer financial support as well, click here to give now.

Helpful social media (give us your story)

Volunteers can help us continue to transform the lives of rural Cambodian families, moving them from mere survival to more sustainable livelihoods. Through your story, you can continue to be involved in the work we do in Siem Reap province and be an agent for change.

We all know how impactful videos can be. Trailblazer asks volunteers to capture one to two-minute video clips of life in Cambodia and of Trailblazer’s work. And we encourage former volunteers to share mini videos they may have captured during their experience, for posting on our website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you have a video clip to share, please email

Encouraging others

The needs are great in Cambodia and the scope of our projects is limited only by the funding we receive. If you would like to become an individual donor, even a small amount is appreciated and can go a long way. Making a donation to the general fund is the way to ensure your funding will have the most impact, as it allows flexibility in responding to requests from the people we assist.

You can spread the word to those you know about Trailblazer, tell them why you chose to volunteer for Trailblazer, our efforts to help rural Cambodians, and why they should consider to support us. There are various levels of support they can consider that include:

Health Program

  • Bio-sand Water Filter = $80 [one filter provides up to 15 people with clean drinking water]
  • Latrine = $175 gives a family a sanitary, safe, comfortable place to toilet

Food Security Program

  • Agriculture Training = $50 gives one farmer the ability to participate in training for better techniques and practices and learn how to better feed his/her family
  • Well = $320 provides up to three families access to a consistent water supply for irrigation of a homestead garden and for improved sanitation and hygiene

Education Program

  • Bicycle = $55 provides a student with transportation to stay in school

Economic Development Program

  • Business Development Training = $50 gives one farmer training to increase income potential


Thank You

The support that volunteers and interns provide Trailblazer Foundation is beyond our expectations.  We thank you for your time and commitment to Trailblazer. It means the world to us.

See first hand how we construct a Bio-sand Water filter at our work site in Cambodia.