Walk Through our Worksite

Walk through our worksite with Executive Director, Chris Coats.  To see more videos about what we do, visit our "From the Worksite" web page.


We welcome individuals interested in volunteering

With respect to volunteering, we have three types of needs, and therefore three types of opportunities:

Short Term Volunteers

Short Term Volunteers who typically commit to 1-2 weeks, and help us with our field work in Cambodia (working with our local staff on water filters). Short Term Volunteer -- click here.  

Long Term Volunteers

Long Term Volunteers who offer 2-10 hours a week of support from their home, for a more extended period of time, helping us with some aspects(s) of our operations, fundraising, and/or marketing (typically, working with one of our U.S. based staff).  Long Term Volunteer -- click here.  


Interns, typically undergraduate or graduate students looking for practical experience, who take on one or more timely program and/or fundraising projects in Cambodia.  Internship -- click here.  

Whether you want to help us in Cambodia or from your home, on a short term basis or for a more substantial amount of time, we expect that your greatest satisfaction will come from knowing you helped any number of rural Cambodian families begin rising up out of subsistence living, toward a place of sustainable living. We look forward to hearing from you, and finding a way to help Trailblazer meet our mission while keeping our costs down. Thanks. ​  We welcome individuals interested in volunteering or interning - the difference being the length of your time with us, the type of support you provide, and where you work.    


As a smaller organization that is committed to doing more with less, interns, volunteers and fundraisers are vital to Trailblazer Foundation's success.