internships in Cambodia

If you are looking for a longer term learning experience, where you can gain great hands-on, on-the-job experience in international rural community development work, and/or nonprofit communications and fundraising, then we have a three possible options for you.

Typically, our interns are undergraduate or graduate students who work on a specific project for 1-3 months. We have three categories of work for which we seek intern support, because these projects require a longer term commitment (beyond the typical one-to-two weeks that people volunteer for field work in Cambodia - see "Short Term" opportunities).

The first two options take place in Cambodia, more specifically in Siem Reap. For these types of projects, you would be working directly with the staff of our local, indigenous partner organization, Trailblazer Angkor. Those categories are:   

  1. Helping with the management of in-country fundraising and marketing.
  2. Working on projects related to strengthening and/or expanding our program work, including, but not limited to, new project design, and program monitoring and evaluation.

We also have an ongoing need for support with communications, including writing, social media, graphic design, video production, podcasts, blogging, and the like. This work can be done in Cambodia, or from your home (wherever it may be).  Depending on where you work, there would be different projects for which we would seek your help. In either situation, you would be working on urgent and timely communications projects, or projects important to improving our capacities over the long term, or both.

Finally, it is worth noting that we are happy to support you in your efforts to acquire college credit and/or funding for your work experience, with you taking the led on identifying the college credit process and funding sources.

If you would like to learn more about any of these options, including receiving a copy of our up-to-date job description for each work area, please contact Trailblazer's co-founder and Executive Director, Chris Coats.


Why Interns Play an Important Role in Our Work

Sharlee Hughes had come to us through Portland State University (Oregon), and the Oregon IE3 Global International Internship program. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Sustainable Urban Development, and is shared what she learned from her international relevant coursework.  Sharlee worked closely with Chanto, the Food Security program manager of our in-country affiliate, Trailblazer Angkor, as well as with the Farmer’s Community Group that was launched last year.  


Nicky Ulrich -- 2016 Summer Intern

I interned with Trailblazer over the summer of 2016. I got to see, first-hand, the incredible work they are doing, as they continue to bring new opportunities to families all over Siem Reap province. I worked with Trailblazer’s staff and local farmers, as they collaborative on a project to increase the farmer's income and local economy through a farmer co-op. I saw passion and drive coming from both the farmers and Trailblazer's staff. This was not only inspiring to me, it reminded me of the wonderful work being done at the grass-roots level of development. Thanks to Trailblazer, these farmers have opportunities they might not otherwise have.