Longer term Volunteer Opportunities

Trailblazer Foundation is one of those “big bang for the buck” organizations, where we deliberately work to keep our administrative and fundraising costs down. This allows us to put more money into our program work, in the rural communities of Cambodia's Siem Reap province.

We can accomplish all we do with a small paid staff, in part, because of the support we receive from volunteers who offer 2-10 hours a week of work from their home, for an extended period of time (preferably two months or more). Typically, our longer-term volunteers are mid-career, semi retired, or retired professionals who are looking for an avocation to complement their vocation or retirement. 

These people help us with some aspect(s) of our operations, fundraising, and/or marketing, and typically work with one of our U.S. based staff. Our longer-term volunteers are a great benefit to us, because we can find a way to leverage their professional expertise and skill.

If you have time to offer, and might want to support us part time on a longer term basis, please contact our Co-Founder and Executive Director, Chris Coats.​